Underwater Sculpture Park

This world famous magical underwater park is perfect for snorkeling or tank dives. Artist Jason Decaires planted interesting concrete sculptures below the surface of the water to create the protected Marine Park; the habitat area has an abundance of colorful fish. Beautiful schools of fish are coming back to the area, and it’s a top attraction to see by boat. Visit for more information.


Grenada Diving - Island Activities

Bianca C

Known as the “Titanic of the Caribbean”, the Bianca C was once part of the Italian Costa Cruise Line’s fleet. In 1961 she caught on fire in the Port of St. George’s. Everyone was rescued off the ship and it was towed - while on fire - to deeper waters where she lies now.  Advanced Divers only as this is a deep 90 ft dive; all diving in Grenada requires a certified dive company.


Grenada may be known for sea and sand, but also offers exotic inland areas. It's agriculture, wild nature and waterfalls are freely accessible, waiting to be explored!

Grenada Rainforest - Island Activities

Grand Etang Lake

Grenada’s protected national park, Grand Etang Lake offers many adventurous trails located in the rain-forest. At the apex of the rain-forest the extinct volcanic lake is a marvel to observe. Today it’s full of water and fish. The grounds are enjoyable for a bit of a nature walk. Best if spent with a guide.


Grenada Turtle watching - Sculpture Park - Island Activities
Grenada Turtle watching - Sculpture Park - Island Activities
Turtle-dive Grenada, Solamente Villa
Turtle-dive Grenada, Solamente Villa

From March to June is Leatherback turtle watching season. The best location to view the turtles as they lay their eggs or when they hatch is to take a trip up to the northern part of the island to Levera and Petite Anse Beaches. Visit for more information.


Part of the beauty of Grenada are its wonderful exotic waterfalls. All of them have a pool of crisp, cool water so bring your suit and sneakers to take a quick swim, or just cool your feet off in the clear, pristine mountain water.

Seven sisters waterfalls Grenada, Solamente Villa

Seven Sisters

Located in the Grand Etang national rain-forest, this is a series of many falls that lead to one giant pool at the end. We definitely recommend a guide for those planning to climb and jump.


Closest waterfall to St. Georges, with beautiful gardens and ladies in their traditional dresses, hoping that you’ll want your picture taken with them for a tip.

Mt. Carmen Falls

Two falls make up this waterfall attraction; it's a roughly 10 minute hike to the main waterfall. You can walk right through the wall of water coming down on you. Or you can slide down the next falls flat rocks ...


Probably the most popular falls in Grenada. Scenic falls, short walks, shopping and local restaurants can be found at the base of the waterfall.

Grenada Waterfalls - Island Activities


Grenada Catamaran - Island Activities
Grenada Dinghy Tour - Island Activities


Snorkeling, champagne & lobster cruises make this 6 hour cruise to Hog island a favorite. Small groups of 15 comprise this intimate ride on the large Catamaran Shadow-fax, the experienced crew will take you to exciting places. Best for Groups; reservations required: 473-437-3737,,

E-Z Riders

Experience Grenada by driving your own motorized dinghy in a follow the leader type of tour, that explorers coastal Grenada; 2 to a boat, duration: 2-3 hours

Rhum Runner

Daytime Booze Cruise, with live music and beach trip. Locals and tourists enjoy snorkel and beach tours on all 3 boats the Rhum Runner 1, 11, or High Time. Groups or charter cruise reservations: 473-440-4836,


Built on the shores of Petit Martinique, this Carriacou style sloop is great fun for an evening sunset sail or day trip snorkel tour, Minimum 6 persons - maximum 10; reservations: 473-444-1594,,

Grenada Sailing - Island Activities

Mamachula Sports Boats

Offers half and full day custom boat rides tailored to your needs on a fast power launch. Travel up the coast, check out deserted islands or secluded beaches at your own pace and schedule, visit Carriacou, Petit Martinique or even the world famous Tobago Keys Marine Park in the Grenadines.  A trip on “Mamachula” will help make your holiday an exquisite and unique experience. Max 8 people; Reservations: 473-406-5527

Grenada Sailing - Island Activities

Grenada Seafaris

Small groups can enjoy spectacular sightseeing on the water! You’ll get plenty of sun in this large rubber rig, fun and fast trips to beaches, and sculpture park. PADI instructor on board. Reservations: 473-444-1594,


Sun Hunters ATV Tours

Adventures to remember! Dune buggy and Jeep tours with 8 exciting tours that cover Grenada’s hot spots! Group tour follows leader; loads of fun. Reservations: 473-423-4868,,


Grenada Hash House Harriers, has a habit of taking treks around Grenada. Meeting up every Saturday in a TBA (To be Announced) Location. Hikes usually are rugged but enjoyable, and last roughly 2 hours, beginning at 3pm. Food and drinks afterwards in a scenic local spot is a great time to lime (party) with new friends.

Carnival in Grenada

The Carnival in Grenada is called “Spicemass” and every August locals and visitors enjoy the crazy fun and parades that Spicemass has become famous for. Carnival is full of events, which Grenadians plan for all year long.